Tips for choosing a trampoline

Trampolines are a great playing tool, especially for children. Children may sometimes have excess energy, and they may be destructive if not looked after properly. A trampoline comes in handy as a play tool to allow the children shed off the excess energy. However, one ought to know what to look for when choosing a trampoline.

Tips on choosing a trampoline

Weight and age limitations

Each trampoline comes with its age and weight limitations that should be observed so that safety is upheld. This is mostly determined by the experience, skills and the strength of the trampoline. If one is not sure about the weight, they can buy a bigger trampoline since the bigger it is, the more strength it has.546y5ujtrhyt

Availability of spare parts

Since it is prone to wear and tear, one should ensure that they go for a trampoline whose spare parts can be easily found. Most of the spare parts that need replacing include the pad and the safety net. According to one should ensure that they buy a trampoline whose manufacturer will be around long enough to avail the spare parts when the need arises.


One should ensure that the trampoline they buy has a guarantee. It is also important to note that the guarantees are usually on the bed and the springs which have different time lengths. One may consider replacing the pads before the warranty period at their own cost so that they have a trampoline that looks like new though it is several months old.


Space which the trampoline will occupy will to a greater extent determines the size of trampoline one goes for. Space should be flat or level so that the trampoline can balance properly. The area around the trampoline should be covered with a soft material which can absorb impact. Most falls and injuries occur when one mounts or dismounts. There should be a clearance on all sides to allow for that.

Safety padding

All the frames made of metals and the springs should be padded to help eliminate injuries. It is also recommended that the safety padding is a different color so that the edge of the mat is defined. One should also ensure that the trampoline passes the safety standards. If one can find a trampoline with soft edges, then they can go for it since it is the safest.


3454654yt3524The netting should be a necessity to ensure that falls from the trampoline do not happen. One should insist on going for a trampoline that has this netting. Avoid trampolines that have unpadded rigid poles since they pose a threat to the children who will be using the trampoline. The net should also be placed inside the padding to reduce chances of hitting the edges of the trampoline just in case there is a fall. The safety of your children should come first.

It is also necessary that one goes for a trampoline whose instructions for use are easy. This is necessary during assembling and disassembling when the trampoline is not being used.…